Democratic Presidential Candidate Ran An Anti-Gun Poll, It Failed Spectacularly

A still from a video interview, aired by NBC News on May 8, 2018

Rep. Eric Swalwell, the infamous anti-gun Californian Democratic presidential candidate, is still pushing hard on his gun control platform. You might know him as the politician that made the bold statement of wanting to enact a federal ban on “assault weapons” and going after people that won’t voluntarily submit to the tyrannical ruling. He refers to AR-15s as “weapons of war” and “assault weapons” because we all know gun control advocates just love their fearmongering buzz words.

This time, he ran a poll on his Twitter and the results were disastrous – to him and people that think like him. Check it out below:

119,342 people have spoken and ~94,280 of them recognize the significance of the 2nd Amendment

Yes, you can see him desperately trying to appeal to emotion by his not-so-subtle wording of the pro-gun portion, but pro-gun citizens are more intelligent than that. We are more than aware that our inherent right to bear arms is of the utmost importance, and it secures the safety of all our other rights. It protects us against tyrants such as Swalwell and other politicians that want to stomp on our rights.

According to the latest CNN poll, he has been consistently polling at or near 0% for months now. Perhaps this may have something to do with him threatening the force of nuclear weapons on U.S. Citizens that don’t comply want to surrender their rights?

Yes, he actually said this in response to an American citizen replying that confiscating weapons and giving the government even more power would create a civil war

It brought me a smile that so many people were happy to exercise their right to freedom of speech to state that we will not roll over and let the government rule us with an iron fist. I just hope those same people get out and vote in every election to ensure that wannabe dictators such as Swalwell, Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and other candidates that want to strip our rights away, aren’t given any more power.

Will you be voting?

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