New Gun Law in California Requires Background Check for Ammo Sales, Starting July 1

As if California wasn’t terrible enough in regards to gun laws, now ALL ammunition sales will require a background check as of Monday, July 1.

Proposition 63, passed in November 2016 by their own voters, has made California the very first state in the country to require background checks for ammo sales. It doesn’t matter whether the Californian buying a single box of .22LR or 500 9mm, they must undergo a background check. Online ammo sales have to be shipped to a gun shop with a FFL (Federal Firearms License).

The law was heavily pushed by the Democratic governor of California, Gavin Newsom. “A gun requires a dangerous component and that’s ammunition,” he said last week.

The kicker is that in order to undergo the background check, Californians must pay $1.00 PER background check. If the Department of Justice doesn’t already have their information on file, they must pay the initial $20.00 fee. The background check process is the same as a Californian purchasing a gun.

Danielle Rudolph of Poway Weapons & Gear, being interview by Fox 5 San Diego

Gun shops will have to report all ammo purchases to the government. The information reported includes how much ammo is being purchased, the caliber and information regarding the customer themselves, according to Fox 5 San Diego‘s interview with Danielle Rudolph.

In the week ahead of the law taking effect, many gun owners began flooding gun shops to hoard ammo. Before the law, gun owners over the age of 18 could purchase ammo and leave within a few minutes. No one knows how long it will take now but I can tell you, it won’t be as quick as it before. Now the entire system has to be clogged up by background checks for gun sales AND ammo sales.

“People are stocking up right now, basically. We’re probably up by 400 percent from where we were last year for this past month, and this month, in total sales,” Daniel Kash, LAX Ammunition President said to The Hill.

LAX Ammunition experienced a huge surge in sales prior to this law going in effect in Huntington Beach, CA

Folks, this is just another way for the government to hinder your 2nd Amendment rights, as well as squeeze more hard-earned money from law-abiding gun owners. This will do nothing to curb criminal activities since the very definition of a criminal is someone that does not abide by the laws.

In fact, I would go so far as to say it will create a lucrative black market for ammunition in California. Then, when these gun laws prove to be completely ineffective, the politicians will turn around and say, “See! We need more gun laws because this isn’t enough!”

Are there any Californians that want to chime in with their opinion in the Comments section?

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